Problems with money can drive spouses apart and lead to divorce

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There is no question that living in certain areas of the country is expensive. Metropolitan areas across the nation can be so pricey that not everyone can afford to find housing and other basic necessities in their budgets. Even here in Louisiana, some people are simply priced out of living in communities with higher costs of living.

Having enough money to live one’s life is important, and having a plan on how to spend and save can be imperative to the success of running a family. Because money is necessary and complex, many couples work hard to make sure they are on the same page to avoid conflicts over their partner’s spending habits. When problems with money arise, major issues can develop in an otherwise happy marriage.

The term financial infidelity is emerging as a major cause of conflict in marriages in the United States. Financial infidelity involves the hiding of spending or debts from one’s spouse. When partners fail to communicate about what they are buying, how they are using shared resources, and where they are incurring debts, trust issues can develop that can break down even the strongest unions.

Money problems are a major cause of divorce in the United States because money is fundamental to having a home, caring for children and providing individuals with their most basic needs. When financial infidelity becomes a problem in a marriage, the partners may decide that their interests would be better served if their union was broken. Divorce and family law attorneys may be able to offer their clients advice on how to approach divorce when money is the source of the parties’ conflicts.


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