A mediator’s role in an out-of-court divorce

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Louisiana residents may not believe that divorces can be achieved without conflict. Since happy marriages generally do not end, it may seem obvious that conflict and strife are a natural part of marital breakdowns. However, for some couples, peace during the divorce process is possible. Those who choose to mediate their divorce with the help of knowledgeable mediators may find both satisfaction and closure from the legal proceedings that dissolve their marriage.

In review, a mediated divorce happens outside of a courtroom and gives the parties to the divorce the opportunity to establish their own divorce-related agreements. They may collaboratively settle child custody matters, alimony and property division issues, and other important divorce considerations. Their mediator does not represent them, however. The mediator is present to serve in a neutral capacity.

The role of a mediator in a mediated divorce is to guide the parties through their negotiations. The mediator does not advocate for the parties or particular means of resolution. They can suggest options but in the end the parties must come up with their own agreements regarding how their post-divorce lives will be run.

Knowledgeable mediators can inform parties about the laws that will govern their proceedings as well as issues that may change the way that they look at their divorce matters. While they make no decisions, they can facilitate communication between the parties and look for ways to help them find common ground on which to build their newly single lives. Mediators serve an important function in the out-of-court divorce world, and readers who want to learn more about ending their marriages through this type of process can contact mediators in their communities.


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