Is your minor facing an alcohol possession charge?

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You want what is best for your kids, but what they think that is and what you believe it is are often very different things. Everyone makes mistakes; that is how people learn and grow. Unfortunately, sometimes, children make mistakes that can hurt them in ways that they never imagined. For instance, if you have a minor who is facing an alcohol possession charge, he or she may not realize how a conviction can affect them now and down the line. 

Louisiana, like all other states, has strict laws regarding youth and their consumption of alcohol. It is bad for their growing bodies, and it causes them to make poor decisions, which may result in harm to themselves and others. According to Minor in Possession laws, what may happen to a child found guilty of possessing alcohol?

MIP basics

It is possible to be convicted on an MIP charge if one of the following applies to your child’s situation:

  • He or she had alcohol in his or her possession
  • He or she attempted to purchase alcohol
  • He or she consumed alcohol
  • He or she is not yet of legal drinking age

If convicted, your child may face time in a juvenile detention center, have to go through a chemical decency treatment program and may have to complete community service. You or your child may also have to pay a fine. Finally, it may affect your child’s current or future driving privileges.

Defense strategies

There are a few defense strategies that may work in your child’s case. Some of the most commonly used include:

  • Mistake of fact — no alcohol in possession or consumed
  • Alcohol consumed legally
  • Alcohol consumed as part of a religious service

With the assistance of legal counsel, it is possible to utilize the best defense strategy for your child’s case. 

Do not give up

You can fight for your child. Your attempts may feel hopeless at times, but do not give up and do not feel that you have to go it alone. According to state laws, you may seek out legal counsel with experience handling juvenile cases to assist you through this difficult time. The juvenile justice system is much different than the criminal justice system, so having someone on your side who has a strong understanding of how it works will prove beneficial to your child’s case.


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