What to anticipate during the child custody process

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You and your child’s parent may be great parents, but that doesn’t mean that it can be easy to co-parent from separate households. It really takes a great deal of effort, thought and patience to ensure that the co-parenting process goes smoothly. A child custody arrangement is often the first step in the process to get the ball rolling. For parents who have never experienced the child custody process, it can be nice to know what to expect.

When a custody agreement is decided they will decide on a number of issues that impact you, your child and your child’s parent. Physical custody, legal custody, parenting plans, child support and other issues may be on the table during these discussions. It’s important to understand that the ultimate goal of a child custody and visitation arrangement is to have an arrangement that is crafted in the best interests of the child. Other factors will be taken into consideration, but this goal is number one.

You and your child’s spouse may or may not be great communicators. However, communication is key to designing and effectively executing a child custody plan. If possible, it’s good to be in a place with your child’s parent where you can communicate and co-parent effectively. However, sometimes this isn’t possible due to a variety of reasons.

Wherever you and your family is at in terms of child custody, there are ways to build a child custody arrangement that works for everyone. If and when the child custody agreement needs modification, these can be submitted at a later time, if needed. The needs of your child can change with time as can the circumstances surrounding the parents.


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