How to modify a child custody order

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If the custody arrangement you currently have with your ex-partner is no longer viable, it may become necessary to officially request a modification to the custodial arrangement in court. For parents in Louisiana with a child custody arrangement that doesn’t work anymore, it’s extremely helpful to understand the process for requesting alterations so you can do what’s best for your family.

Making an official request for a modification in the arrangement is often a last resort. Before it comes to that, parents often try to work together to come to an agreement on their own terms out of court. Besides saving time, money, and emotional toll, this may also help the children involved experience as little trauma as possible.

However, if one or both parties are uncommunicative or it otherwise becomes impossible to settle the matter without legal intervention, there are steps that any parent can take to request an alteration in the custody arrangement. Parents don’t always see eye to eye about who should have the children and when, so it’s crucial to have an unbiased court weigh in to ensure that custody is divided fairly.

What’s best for the children?

If the impression of a court is that the current custodial arrangement seems to be working for both parents as well as for the children, it’s unlikely that it will rule in favor of the modification. These changes are usually difficult for all children involved, in addition to being hard on the parents themselves and other relatives.

In these family law cases, the top priority that courts consider is the best interests of the child or children. If a change in the custody arrangement is going to throw off a child’s schoolwork or social life, for instance, the court is unlikely to rule in favor of the modification.

It’s always challenging raising children while sharing custody. When the arrangement that you share with the child’s parent is no longer working, you should be aware that there are legal actions you can take to request a modification to the custodial situation. Going through this process is sometimes the right step to provide the best possible environment for your child.


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