What are Louisiana’s child custody relocation rules?

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Louisiana has a lot of rules surrounding child custody relocation. You should check the law before moving with your child. Failure to do so could result in the judge ordering you to move back and pay the legal expenses of the other parent.

What counts as a relocation?

If your child lives in a new location for 60 days, it counts as a relocation. Anything less than 60 days isn’t subject to Louisiana’s child custody relocation laws. When you plan on moving, you need to notify the other parent in writing through registered or certified mail. This notice needs to be at least 60 days in advance.

Information to include in the notice

There are certain details you need to include in the notice for it to be valid. You must let the other parent know that they have up to 30 days of receipt to object to the relocation via registered or certified mail. In rare circumstances in which you weren’t able to notify the other parent 60 days in advance, you must send notice no later than 10 days after having the information you need.

Additional information your notice must cover includes your current address, your intended new address or residence, your phone number, the date of the move, the reasons why you’re moving and a proposed new custody schedule. You should also let them know that they should immediately seek legal advice. If your mailing address will differ from your intended new address, then you need to give them this information.

Relocating with a child in Louisiana requires permission from the other parent or a judge. You must check the law to ensure you go through the process the right way because the guidelines of how to inform the other parent of your intention to relocate are strict.


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