Why do teens turn to alcohol?

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Although many teens in Louisiana walk the straight and narrow, others may use alcohol. Underage drinking is a problem that can have a variety of effects on a young person whose brain is still developing. Teens may begin drinking for different reasons.

Dangerous effects of underage drinking

Underage drinking can lead to serious consequences. When teens regularly consume alcohol, it can cause damage to their brains and sexual development. Those who drink excessive amounts are more at risk of alcohol poisoning, which can be fatal.

Teens who drink have a higher risk of trying and abusing other substances, including illicit drugs. They may also begin to dabble in dangerous sexual habits such as spontaneous and unprotected sex. Underage drinking often also results in problems in school such as multiple absences and slipping grades.

Other issues teens can face when they drink are social problems, criminal activity and different types of violence. They are also far more likely to grow up to be adults who suffer from substance use disorder.

Signs your child is drinking

As a parent, it’s crucial to know whether your child has engaged in underage drinking. Some signs are telling such as sleeping more and waking up much later than usual. Your child may start to exhibit certain personality or behavioral changes like crankiness, mood swings or sudden fits of anger.

If your teen has always been a good student, academic problems can signify a serious issue. You might also suspect they have a problem with underage drinking if they suddenly have new friends, especially if they refuse to introduce them to you or even invite them over.

You might also notice your teen has bloodshot eyes and the smell of alcohol on their breath. If they’re drinking, difficulty concentrating and slurred speech are common as well.

Always talk to your child and ask questions. If you suspect they’re drinking, you might need to get them help.


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